Your clothes are expensive and sometimes even irreplaceable. So when it comes to keeping your threads clean, finding the best dry cleaner in town is the only way to keeping your clothing in top condition.

Not convinced just yet?  Below are 10 reasons to take your clothes to the dry cleaner:

  1. Convenience. This is reason alone to go to a dry cleaner. What’s better than simply dropping your clothes off for someone else to clean? Not much.
  2. Stain Removal. Few people know how to properly remove a stain and even worse, many actually make it worse. Let your dry cleaner apply proper care to your fabrics to get the stains out.
  3. Extend the Life of Your Clothing. Who wouldn’t want to make their clothes last as long as possible? Well the washer and dryer (especially the dryer) in your home are hard on clothes and reduce their lifespan. Take it to a dry cleaner instead.
  4. Wetcleaning. You’ve probably never heard of this before but yes, it’s a thing. Some garments are simply too sensitive for anything other than the proper care of a dry cleaner, which also happen to do wetcleaning, ironically.
  5. Value. How much is your time worth? Is it best spent washing, ironing or folding your laundry when you can have a dry cleaner do it all for you for a couple bucks an item? Keep that in mind the next time you decide to tackle the pile of laundry you have piled up in the corner of your bathroom floor.
  6. Upholstery. Dry cleaners are more than just clothing specialists; they care for all sorts of fabrics, including what covers your furniture. Do you have a stain or issue with a couch pillow or cushion? Bring it in.
  7. Restoration. Do you have an old wedding gown or family heirloom that you stumbled upon when cleaning out your Aunt Bertha’s old house? Taking it to your dry cleaner for special care and attention can actually restore the garment to its beautiful original condition.
  8. Odor Removal. Some dry cleaners specialize in odor removal…think fires, floods or extended closet storage. All is not lost if you find yourself with one of these scenarios; there’s a good chance your dry cleaner can help.
  9. Alterations. Bodies change and so do some fabrics over time. Extend the life of your clothing by having your dry cleaner help with alterations to keep your clothes fitting just right.
  10. Buttons. Don’t forget those buttons! They’re always coming loose or falling off and unless you took sewing in high school, you might not remember how to put a button back on the correct way. Just bring it to your dry cleaner and they’ll get it fixed in no time.
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